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Disconnected waveguides DRC


I am new in Macro Development in Klayout, as such, my code skills here are rudimental.

I need to write a simple DRC that at the end can check if there is any disconnected waveguides and tell me how much and where the violation occurs, since in some complex draws I can not check all waveguides (cells) one by one to see if everything is connected!

I am trying in Macro Development, DRC part to write something that would give me this output, however I am getting errors.

I thought that writing out this output: [, options]))

report("Check gaps between waveguides")
input(1).space(0um, projection).output("Violation","Gap between waveguides higher than 0µm.")

However it does not run and gives me error (unexpected tIdentifier..)

Can you please help me to understand and what/how should I write such code to be able to get if there is gaps in my structure?

Thank you in advance.
Best regards


  • Hi,

    "0um" is not a valid specification that's why the error happens. Unit and value have to be separated by a dot.

    You cannot check "disconnection" by a space check, except if you have a threshold. A space check will detect spaces and if lets say, 10nm is regarded a "disconnection, but not intended space" you can check this by "space(10.nm, ...)". And note the dot between 10 and "nm".


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