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DVB not yet in Python package (0.26.0.dev11)?

I would like to use the device and netlist extraction capabilities of KLayout from a Python program to perform a LVS check. Basically I want to use the same functionalities like SpiceX ( uses to extract a SPICE netlist. But it looks like the DVB classes are not yet in the Python package even though the DVB branch has been merged into master.

For instance if I import the KLayout db module:
import klayout.db as db
I cannot find the classes db.LayoutToNetlist, db.Net, db.Circuit and so on...

What am I missing here? Thanks a lot!


  • edited March 29

    Hi tok,

    I'm sorry for the mess on PyPI, but this whole DevOps stuff gives me the creeps. There basically are Travis and Azure builds configured, but how to deploy them to PyPI without compromising my credentials is something I have not managed to achieve yet. Such things are easily eating up all the time I'm able to spend on that project, so I'm setting other priorities. If someone has a hint for me let me know.

    I have set up a plain old private Jenkins instance which works fine but only delivers the Anaconda wheel you find on PyPI. That's because it runs on a quite aged laptop I cannot load with multiple VM's to produce more than this.

    Some more builds can be found here: Maybe you find something useful there. And there is always the option to build yourself (


  • Ok. No problem! So compiling it myself should help. I'll try that.
    Unfortunately I never touched Travis and Jenkins myself...

  • python3 install --user from git seems to work!

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