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Arbitrary access to points

edited August 2011 in General
Is it possible to access all points in a cell view and change them?
What I would like to do is to stretch a layout in X or Y (or both) by a set amount, if any point of any shape lies beyond a set X value or Y value.
So for example if any X coord is >= 2.0, it is incremented by 0.2.

The fastest way if there would be selecting each shape on each layer, reading current coords, compare and edit if the case is met. However I cannot see doing this without treating polygons separate from boxs separate from paths. And for polygons, treating the hull then the holes. Seems rather complex.


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    I see your point, but so far there is no generic point accessor. Specifically for paths I wonder how stretching should be implemented - the point's just deliver the center line, not the path's actual boundary.

    I would suggest to convert the shapes to polygons (works for boxes, paths and polygons) and stretch these. That way, you will loose the path's center line but gain a consistent definition of the stretching operation.

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    OK. I will try iot that way.
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