coarse ellipse border

Hi all,I create a ellipse from .I found that the number of points that used to approximate the ellipse would reach the set value if the value of Box coordinates is greater than a micron.However, if the value of Box coordinates is less than a micron,the number of points is less than the set value.What should I do if I want the number of points to reach the set value for the latter case.


  • pya.DPolygon.ellipse(,-5,1,5),170)

  • Hi Oscar,



    give 170, so the polygons are fine.

    But maybe your should check your database unit. That's the minimum resolution a GDS file has. When you use a polygon in a layout it is converted to an integer-type polygon and it's point are snapped to the database unit grid. This may reduce the number of points because points may be merged.


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