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xsection has maximum height


Lately, I've been playing around with the xsection script and at first glance it seems to do just what I would like. Unfortunately, there seems to be a limitation regarding the maximum height of a cross section. Attached you can see a screenshot of what's going on. The top vias should extend much further and should be covered with another metal layer.
Any idea what's going on here?



  • I found that the problem is with line 1004-1008 of the xsection script. Unfortunately, I can't adjust the script itself, since it's part of a package. Adjusting these lines to below fixed the problem:

    @extend = (3.0 / @dbu + 0.5).floor.to_i
    @delta = 10
    @height = (15.0 / @dbu + 0.5).floor.to_i
    @depth = (1.0 / @dbu + 0.5).floor.to_i
    @below = (1.0 / @dbu + 0.5).floor.to_i
  • Hi,

    you can set these values inside your .xs script using "height(15.0)" etc. Please see for the respective functions.


  • Thank you once more, that is a better solution of course!

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