Processing scripts Error: " Ambiguous overload variants -multiple method declarations match argument

Hi Matthias,

I am having trouble with a few functions in the processing script. When I try to use the following two functions, there will be an error. I was able to use other functions such as size, rsize, and the Boolean operations.

l.shift(dx, dy) - Shift the layer by the given displacement.

l.rotate(a) - Rotate the layer by the given angle.

E.g., I created a processing script that only include the following line,

It gave an error saying that "Ambiguous overload variants - multiple method declarations match arguments." And I got the same error when I use the rotate function.

Do you know what was the issue?



  • Hi Oscar,

    please, please, please .... use Markdown to format your code! Put a line with triple backticks before and after the code.

    The correct way of writing this is

    input(210, 0).shift(1, 0).output(210, 1)


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