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'waiting mode' procedure for user to select pcell instances


I found this thread, and this thread, about capturing a mouse click and its location, and about objects selection, and I was wondering if it is possible to create a procedure, where instead of a plugin, to have a procedure with a similar waiting mode for user to select an object.

Basically I want to make a procedure where it will enable a waiting mode for user to select a pcell instance and pop up a message box with its information.

I've build a procedure's template that pop ups info of already selected instances:

def getPCellInstInfo() :

    # waiting mode...

    # create check mechanism so the selected objects are only 1
    sel_obj = pya.LayoutView().current().object_selection

    # remove for-loop - unnecessary for 1 inst
    for sel in sel_obj :
        lib    = sel.inst().cell.pcell_library().name()
        name   = sel.inst()
        #params = sel.inst().pcell_parameters_by_name()

        pya.MessageBox().info("PCell Info", "PCell Lib : " + str(lib) + "\nPCell Name : " + str(name), pya.MessageBox.Ok)
    # for
# getPCellInstInfo

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Chris,

    you can wait for a mouse click and when this happens, find the object by searching from this point.


  • edited May 17

    Hi Matthias,

    It is possible to use something like pya.Plugin().mouse_click_event() inside my code?

    Could be possible to give me an example?

    Note that I want to avoid creating a plugin button at the layout, but instead to call a procedure-function of an object which is going to wait for a mouse click.


  • Hi Chris,

    no, there is no blocking function you can call to wait for a mouse click. The UI is event-driven.


  • Ok, thank you Matthias

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