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Ring shapes using KLayout

I am trying to create a ring shape in Layout. First I used the donut shape and exported it to cadence. Apparently the design gives me an error with the DRC check. The donut shape created using the Klayout does not snap/fit to the grid points. One example of a ring structure fitting the DRC regulations is attached here.

Can I create such structure using the KLayout?


  • You can create such structure very easily with Klayout.
    Create two boxes and apply "round corners". Then subtract one box to the other.
    See the "Selection" menu.

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    Hi Rakesh,

    I think the request is about creating the pixelized pattern.

    There is no function readily available for this kind of transformation yet, but it can be coded. Here for example is a DRC script which turns a layer with all-angle polygons in to one with staircase approximation:

    # Approximates an arbitrary edge by a staircase of points
    # with step size < step (all in database units)
    def approximate_edge(e, step, t = RBA::Trans::R0)
      if e.dx.abs >= e.dy.abs
        if e.dx < 0
          mirror_x = RBA::Trans::M90
          return approximate_edge(mirror_x * e, step, t * mirror_x)
        elsif e.dy < 0
          mirror_y = RBA::Trans::M0
          return approximate_edge(mirror_y * e, step, t * mirror_y)
        elsif e.dy == 0
          # horizontal edge
          return [ t * e.p1, t * e.p2 ]
          pts = approximate_edge_normalized(e, step)
          return pts.collect { |p| t * p }
        swap_xy = RBA::Trans::M45
        return approximate_edge(swap_xy * e, step, t * swap_xy)
    # Approximates a special edge by a staircase of points
    # The edge will have dx > 0, dy 0 and dx > dy
    def approximate_edge_normalized(e, step)
      pts = []
      dx = e.dx
      dy = e.dy
      nsteps = dy / step + 1
      pts << e.p1
      nsteps.times do |i|
        xi = ((2 * i + 1) * dx) / (2 * nsteps)
        yi = ((i + 1) * dy) / nsteps
        p1 = RBA::Vector::new(xi + e.p1.x, pts[-1].y)
        p2 = RBA::Vector::new(p1.x, yi + e.p1.y)
        pts << p1
        pts << p2
    # Approximates a DRC layer and returns a new one with
    # the approximated polygons
    def approximate_layer(source, step)
      step_dbu = (step / dbu + 0.5).floor.to_i
      target = polygon_layer
  do |p|
        pts = []
        p.to_simple_polygon.each_edge do |e|
          pts += approximate_edge(e, step_dbu)
    # ---------------------------------------------------------------
    # usage example
    source = input(1)
    step = 10.nm
    approximate_layer(source, step).output(10, 0)


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