How to rename /add layer names?

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How can I change de the numbers of reprecenting the layers in a string tekst?
example: I want to change from "2/0@1"(default) to "PWELL"

Can I use Load layer properties? Which format need this file to has?

I am working on a Windows-system...
Thanks, Luc


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    Hi Luc,

    manually that is possible by using "Rename" from the layer's context menu (right mouse button). This will assign a display name to the entry in the layer list. You can save the display name along with the other display properties in the layer properties file with File -> Save Layer Properties.

    Basically it's important to know that the display name is not the layer's name in the database but rather a string assigned to the entry in the layer panel. Additionally, a layer can have a name in the database if the layout format supports named layers (DXF, CIF and OASIS). GDS does not have database names since GDS does not support named layers. A GDS layer is given by a layer/datatype number pair. If a layer does have a database name it is shown in the layer panel without having to assign a display name.

    If you want to create the layer properties file yourself, you should have a look at a file saved with the File / Save Layer Properties file function. Basically, the file is XML with each layer having the following form:


    The "name" element gives the display name and "source" gives the layer and datatype of the database layer to display. The other elements define the display style.

    The general format is more complex since it supports tabs and layer groups (basically a kind of hierarchy within the layer properties file) and other more advanced features. But the basic format is the one described before.

    Best regards,


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