how can move instance by "Edit->selection->move by" in partial mode

Hi everybody,
I clicked on Parital and then select some instance,box,polygon and edge after that I use Move by to move selected object but all thing moved except instance don't moved. (i use partial mode because in select mode just move object not edge).
How can I do it?.
I tried see "PartialService::transform_selection (const db::DTrans &move_trans)" in source code but I not clear how it do so I can't modify it for my goal.

Thanks for your helping .



  • hi everybody ,

    I did resolved it. just change some code lines in the function so I can move instance as I want now.


  • If you enable "View/Select top level objects", instance objects will be selected rather than the shapes inside the instances. Then "partial mode" will move the instances.


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