Multiple cofnfiguration files support or separate file for Layer Stack

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Hello Matthias!

Our team uses your excellent tool for a long time.
Thank you very much for it!

I've just installed the latest version (0.21.13) of KLayout and found a lot of new useful features.
And I have a question: Does KLayout supports multiple configuration files (e.g. like Cadence .cdslib).

I mean, that I want to set some configuration settings in one common configuration file for all my team members, and have some custom settings in member's homes.

This question arose when you put "Layer Stack" definition of Net Tracer in configuration file.
Problem is that we work with several technologies at the same time and need different "Layer Stack" definitions for each of them. Of course, we can create different configuration files and use "-c" option, but it would be better if it was defined in separate file, like layers list. Also it would allow me to set once commonly for all my team.

I think, multiple hierarchical configuration files support is more universal feature.

What way do you see to resolve our issue?

Best regards,
Eugene Stolbikov


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    Hi Eugene,

    the next release (which I unfortunately don't have a time estimate for) will contain technology support in the sense that you can switch between different setups.

    Until then you might like to look at a simple technology manager which also covers the net tracer setup and other configuration properties:

    Regarding a local and global configuration, KLayout supports both types where the local configuration is stored in the user's home folder and the global one is taken from the installation directory. However, the global configuration just acts as a default and will be overriden by the local one once it is written.

    Right now, there are no separate files for the configurations, but the ruby script above demonstrates how it is possible to switch parts of the configuration dynamically with a ruby script.

    Best regards,


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    thank you for the respose.
    I tried tech_manager module you had recommended me.
    It works, but it is not "interactive". After technology selection from menu it just write new settings in your local configuration file and requires to restart KLayout to new settings take effect.
    It is not quite convenient to me.
    Will wait for new release :)
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    Hi Eugene,

    you're right - you have to choose the "technology" before you load a file. That is going to change, but as I said, I can't give a time frame right now and apologize for promising so much in advance :-)


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