Annotation: cross or point?

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In the GUI, it is possible to place "crosses" on the layout (from the "ruler" pull-down menu).

In a script, is it possible to place "crosses" or "points"? If possible with the freedom to define the text that will be displayed (I know how to place ruler annotations, but a ruler of zero length does not really do the job because a value of "0" length is always indicated, and there is no nice cross as compared to what is obtained from the GUI).



  • Hi Olivier,

    a "cross" is just a specially configured ruler:

    • Label format: "$U,$V"
    • Style: crosses
    • Outline: diagonal

    So if you place the ruler in a script, use the same points for p1 and p2 and set "fmt" to "$U,$V".

    The problem is setting the style because in 0.25.x, the cross style wasn't available as a constant (ticket is here: But you can use a value of 7 (integer) as long as the corresponding constant isn't defined.

    Thanks for mentioning this.

    Kind regards,


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