static libraries browsing issue on windows

Hi - I am trying to work with GDS as static libraries located in windows folder
But when trying to instance from LIBRARY it only sees the 1st file in the folder.
Thanks and regards,


  • Hi Cristian,

    maybe the LIBNAME is always "LIBRARY" for all these files?

    KLayout obtains the library name from the LIBNAME record of GDS files. This name is the unique identifier for the library. If this name is the for all files, only the first is taken.

    Please use a meaningful name for LIBNAME - then it will be easier to find the library in the list as well.


  • Yes, this was it. I saved the GDS files with LIBNAME reanmed as LIB1, LIB2, ... and now I can see all of them. Thanks and regards, Cristian

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