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Layer Sizing issue???

Hi Matthias,

I've been trying some of the cool features and found some issues (I'm using 0.25.8.). Can you try to reproduce?

1) Edit > Layer > size: I'm trying different sx and sy (on a simple 10umx10um square):

0,-1 ok
0,1 ok
-1,0 ok
1,0 ok
-1,-2 ok
1, 2 ok
-1,2 NOT ok, does 1,2
1,-2 NOT ok, does -1, -2

2) File > Setup > Rulers And Annotations > Templates

The link "here" does not seem to work.




  • Hi Thomas,

    You're right - anisotropic sizing with different signs isn't supported yet. So you can size up or down, but not up in one direction and down in the other. The mixed-sign case has some complications I could not overcome. This limitation is briefly mentioned here:

    The "here" link is fixed (not merged yet): Thanks for reporting this.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Matthias,

    Thanks for the fast reply. Good to know, I missed that information. It can be achieved by doing two sizing iterations, i.e. oversize in x first and then undersize in y, or vice versa.



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