mouse_button_pressed_event Plugin bug


I would like to mention that mouse_button_pressed_event function does not work in the classic "OnMouseClick" example (example1, example2), unless I do something wrong myself.

I think that the problem exists only in python.



  • Hi Chris,

    I tried with (example2) and I can't confirm it's not working.

    There was an issue with overloading of methods in Python which was fixed in the latest version 0.26 (ticket #197). Did you try with this one?

    There is a caveat however: when you run this script the first time, the code will only act on newly opened views. That's because plugin registration does not affect existing views. On the second run, the plugin is just updated and code changes are effective immediately.



  • Hi Matthias,

    I'm still using 0.25.9, didn't had the chance to update yet. I will try 0.26 and I' ll come back to this thread if necessary.

    Thanks Matthias,

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