How to run or file from command terminal.

I am trying to run or file from command terminal or bash script.
Can anyone help me to do this.


  • You mean batch mode?


    klayout -b -r

    or any other .rb, .drc, .lvs, .lym ... file.

    Please note that in this case, the script needs to load all layouts itself - as in batch mode there is no view, no layouts can be loaded by listing them in the klayout command.


  • any example script that work in batch mode and save result in a file?

  • Please don't let me guess ... I don't like this game. Please give some background information.

    What are you planning to do?

  • Hi Matthias,
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    I am trying to run from command terminal.
    The file is available in test folder
    I have a layout and I want it to generate netlist from DBLayoutToNetlist from command terminal.
    This is what I want to do.



  • Please help me.. I want to understand python package available for pcell

  • This is a unit test ... not a file you can run!

    Frankly, I don't have the impression you have tried to understand the concepts.

    For netlist generation, you can use the LVS feature sans "compare". But you'll need some understanding how to extract devices and define a connectivity. You should have read and understood the details in this documentation:


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