Trace Net observation

Hi Matthias,

I observed the following while testing the "Trace Net" tool (0.25.8): The net exists of standard structures (rectangles, paths, instances) and PCells. When I click on a PCell part, nothing gets highlighted. When I click on a standard part, the whole net gets highlighted, as intended. Moreover, when I save the same layout without "cell context" selected, the trace will highlight wherever I click, also in the former PCell part. Is this a limitation of the "Trace Net" tool?




  • Hi Thomas,

    that's not intended, but I assume the reason is that PCell internals are not accessible through editing functions. This actually is intended - PCells are not supposed to be edited. As the net tracer uses editing functions to detect the start point, the behaviour you describe might be an undesired side effect.

    At least the net tracer traces "into" a PCell.

    Another BTW: the "trace all nets" feature of 0.26 traces PCell nets, but "Probe" has the same limitations.

    Thanks for bringing this up. If have created a ticket for this:


  • Hi Matthias,

    Thanks for the info! I will try out 0.26 soon.

    Have a great weekend,


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