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Moving set of layers

What is proper way to move set of layers (change their order) in Python? Or re-arrange cellviews order because in I need to move all layers belonging to particular cellview.


  • Hi,

    the solution depends on what you want to achieve.

    In any case I'd recommend to use the LayerIterator concept. "LayoutView#each_layer" isn't entirely stable for iterating while deleting (see

    Here is some sample code that moves all layer with even GDS layer numbers to the end:

    # Example: shuffle the layers so that even-numbered layers
    # move to the end.
    lv = pya.LayoutView.current()
    to_insert = []
    # Delete all layers with even layer numbers and keep their properties
    li = lv.begin_layers()
    while not li.at_end():
      if li.current().source_layer % 2 == 0:
        # keep the layer properties (dup LayerPropertiesNode) and 
        # delete the layer. isn't required as li will point
        # to the next entry anyway.
    # Finally insert the deleted layers at the end of the layer list
    for l in to_insert:
      lv.insert_layer(lv.end_layers(), l)

    Kind regards,


  • Hi, Matthias!

    Thank you for help! Similar code pattern (I used active_cellview.index() as criteria) solved my problem!

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