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Hi Matthias,

If you still not get tired with me :), I want to report one more bug and ask a question.

1. Bug: (Linux platform)
I run KLayout and do File->Open. The "Load layout file" window opens and in "Look in:" form I see the path to current directory, but it's content is incorrect and belongs to other directory. Some time in such cases the following notification occurs in terminal:
QTreeView::rowsInserted internal representation of the model has been corrupted, resetting.

If to go in parrent dir and choose required dir again, it will OK.
I can send you scrinshots by e-mail if you need.

2. Question:
To run KLayout with particular layermap I use the following alias:
alias lv 'klayout -l $lvlyp \!* &',
where $lvlyp points to layer property file.

If I define GDS file from the string, like: lv file.gds
layer properties are loaded correctly.
But if I run just lv and after interactively open GDS file using File->Open,
than layer properties are not loaded and I see default automatically generated layer names and colors.
Why "-l layer_property" option does not work in this case?
Is it a bug?


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    Hi Eugene,

    the problem with the file open dialog is very likely a Qt specific one. I have observed similar issues with earlier Qt versions. It may also be related to the Gtk style. If you are using Gnome you may like to try "--style windows" (for example) on the command line. This forces Qt to use a different file dialog. Since Qt borrows the file dialog from the system, it may also behave differently on Gnome and KDE.

    However, debugging Qt specialities around the file dialog is tedious. I am using Ubuntu 10.04LTS with Gnome and that combination works very well.

    Regarding the second issue: the -l option does not set the layer properties for every file you load but just for the one on the command line. If you want KLayout to always use a specific layer properties file, you can use the Default Layer Properties File setting in File/Setup, Layer Properties page.

    You may also want to have a look at the simple technology manager:

    Best regards,


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