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Python code equivalent of converting all cells to static

edited October 30 in Python scripting

Hi Matthias,

I am currently using the following code piece to convert all cells in a layout to static but it seems like it does not work properly. Do you think I am making a mistake in somewhere? I am trying to get the same effect as when I click Edit->Layout->Convert All Cells to Static.

Here is the code I use:


for cell in layout.each_cell():




  • Hello,

    The "convert_cell_to_static" method does not replace the cell - it will rather create a new, equivalent one. In order to replace all cells, you have first to create the static versions, then translate the instances and finally delete the original PCell variants:

    <br />ly =
    cells_converted = {}
    # convert the cells
    for cell in ly.each_cell():
      ci_org = cell.cell_index()
      ci = ly.convert_cell_to_static(ci_org)
      if ci != ci_org:
        cells_converted[ci_org] = ci    
    # translate the instances
    for cell in ly.each_cell():
      for inst in cell.each_inst():
        if inst.cell_index in cells_converted:
          inst.cell_index = cells_converted[inst.cell_index]
    # delete the PCells
    for ci in cells_converted:



  • Thank you Matthias!

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