Update klayoutrc on closure via script

Hi all,

I noticed that any changes I do in KLayout are not saved after I close the application from - ruby or python - script (e.g. pya.Application.instance().main_window().cm_exit() ). When I close the KLayout from the (X) button and then reopen it, klayoutrc is updated as always.

Should this be happening, or is there a command that I have to run so I can avoid this behavior?



  • Hi Chris,

    you're right .. that even happens when using File/Exit (which essentially is the same than cm_exit) -> https://github.com/KLayout/klayout/issues/395


  • Hi Chris,

    sorry to come back here ... actually, I can't confirm that the configuration isn't saved on "cm_exit()". At least not on 0.26.

    Here is my test:

    • Change something in the configuration
    • Enter "pya.Application.instance().main_window().cm_exit()" in the console command line

    The application closes and my changed are saved.


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