HOMEPATH in technology Base path

In the technology manager, in the general menu, I would like to write the Base Path without referring to my home path under windows. I prefer to use the Windows Variable : %HOMEPATH%
Is it possible ? How to write it ?
By the way, the reason is to copy the tech directory from a computer to another, so I need to avoid absolute path.



  • Hi Laurent,

    currently, you cannot refer to variables in this path. It's possible to implement, but right now, this isn't there yet.

    But essentially a file paths should be looked up relative to the location of the *.lyt file.

    So if you simply enter "layers.lyp" for example (instead of the the full path as is produced with the "..." button), it will be looked up next to the *.lyt file.

    This way it should be possible to create self-contained packages.

    Best regards,


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