Circle instance from basic library

I have a question regarding the circle Pcell in basic library. When I add a circle it has a solid square box on the left of the circle regardless of the layer and size with a letter "R" right next to it. When I hide the layer this solid square indicating the circle still stays there and when I select multiple objects it also gets included although the layer is hidden.

I discovered that by using "Partial" I can move this solid square and it disappears, Then object properties becomes unavailable.

I also noticed that once the cell if flattened, so that the circle is not an instance anymore, it becomes polygon as expected and the square indicator disappears again.

Now my question is: Is there a way to hide this indicator that carries the object properties without altering anything?



  • You are supposed to move it with "Move" :)

    "Partial" apparently spoils the point that makes up the handle. Something I need to fix.

    These handles are part of the "guiding shape" concept of PCells. You can disable those or change their appearance in File/Setup, Display/Cells under "Show PCell guiding shapes". Guiding shapes however play an important role for the "augmentation-kind" PCells like ROUNDED_PATH, so I'd not hide them.


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