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I have been using Klayout for a few months; Awesome program. Recently, I have not been able to open any GDS file. Every time I do, the program crashes and forces closure? I am running it (and have been) in Windows XP .
re-installed latest version with no luck :-(
Any ideas appreciated


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    Hi Basim,

    it's probably the configuration file. Try to locate the .layviewrc file in your home folder (usually C:/Users/myself) and rename that file. It may be possible that this file got corrupt somehow. That can happen if you close two instances of KLayout simultaneously.

    If that is the case and you send me the corrupt version of the .layviewrc file, I can try to analyze the reason in fix that. Usually such a corrupt file should not crash KLayout.

    Best regards,


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    Awesome, that worked like a charm.

    many thanks
    great program
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