Macro documentation/tool tips

Is there way yo display documentation/tool tip for menu commands added by macro? As far as I understood from source code doc fields in .lym files are used only for generating API documentation.


  • Hi Eugene,

    currently not. Menus in general don't show a tool tip (maybe a Qt limitation). The toolbar can be used to show an icon with a tool tip. Is that an option?

    In general you have more flexibility if you do menu registration yourself. It's possible to explicitly let the macro add itself to the toolbar and/or menu. You don't check "show in menu", but use "autorun" and let the script register itself:

    def callme
      puts "Menu called ..."
    action = RBA::Action::new
    action.title = "My Menu Item"
    action.tool_tip = "My tool tip"
    action.on_triggered { callme }
    menu =
    # Insert it main menu: where, name, action:
    menu.insert_item("tools_menu.end", "my_menu", action)
    # Insert into toolbar:
    menu.insert_item("@toolbar.end", "my_menu", action)


  • Thank you for explanations!

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