how to check if a layer exist in a layout in DRC check

Hi All,

I am a beginner, in DRC deck, may I know how to check if a layer exist?
Because I find when I check the rules between two layers, for example spacing between layer1 and layer2. if layer1 exist and have lots of shapes, and if layer2 not exist, the deck still spend much time to check the rule. I want to check if both layer1 and layer2 exist, then check the rule, if any layer not exist, then skip the rule. This can same much time.




  • You can check this with layer.is_empty?

    But I'd prefer a general ticket with the request to optimize this case on GitHub. This will improve the performance for all the others who do not include this statement in their rule decks.


  • Hi @Matthias ,

    Thank you very much!


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