Question regarding xsection version 1.4 installation

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  • Hi Matthias
    I am using xsection 1.1 (which is great) and tries to upgrade to version 1.4 using the
    tools--> Manage packages of klayout Gui (version 0.26.3)
    Unfortunately, we get the following error:

    Error fetching spec file for package 'xsection': Error 6: Network API error, fetching

    It seems like the installer looks in a wrong location in github (the xml is located elsewhere). Is that correct? Is there a workaround?


  • Hi Allon,

    I think that's a different issue. The URL isn't accessible directly. Instead KLayout uses the WebDAV protocol to access the Subversion port of GitHub. The "Network API error" seems to be a generic network issue.

    If you use a subversion client (svn command or the repo browser of Tortoise on Windows) you should see that "svn cat" gives you this file.

    Maybe there is a firewall blocking GitHub or something like this. I had general issues with the openSSL libraries in the past, but these should be solved. And if KLayout is able to download the package index, there cannot be a general installation issue.

    I have just confirmed that I can download xsection 1.4 on a variety of Windows and Linux installations, so I think I can rule out a server issue.


  • Thanks Matthias. We're checking this.
    BR, Allon

  • When the Manager can not work I install this xsection by downloading the files from github manually.
    Maybe you can try.

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