Ruby script - Rotation of a shape

Hi there,
I'm using Ruby script for creating my GDS.
My problem is as follows:
When I create a shape at a layer and then taking this shape to other layer and rotating it there are some angels of rotation on which I encounter and issue with the shape. For example when rotating the S-shape part, see figure below at 60-deg I get chipping on the shape, where when I rotating it by 90-deg there is no issue. For rotation I'm using: ICplxTrans function. Do you know what causing this issue?
Thank you very much!


  • Hi again,
    Let me re-define the question:
    I took the S-shape part and rotated it and translated across a layer, see image below, I don't see the chipping issue.
    So it seems that the problem is when I'm connecting it to other shapes - I don't know why, but for this case I'm getting this chipping. Any idea what is going on there?

  • Hi sunSeeker,

    I think the images above are the result of some additional processing. I assume you are at least doing a "merge", but maybe you're also doing a "round_corners" for softening? this might explain the issue. As the rotatation happens on a integer grid, snapping might lead to a tiny gap between the rectangular part and the attached "S" ends of the shape. The gap would eventually create such a wedge on rounding.

    In this case, merge before rotation should avoid this issue. You might also consider cleaning by over-undersizing with a small value. But in general, many operations such as size and round_corners are edge-based and are sensitive to short-edge artefacts.


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