pip install


When I look at the site packages in Klayout path, I see package pip.

Is there way to use pip install from command line in Klayout to install new modules?

Thank you!


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    My answer is maybe.

    Please try to understand one thing: KLayout only embeds Python. It is not the same thing than the Python executable. And the Python people do a good job making life hard for us embedders. Specifically on Windows. KLayout behaves a bit like python.exe, but not entirely. So a pip-alike think might work on KLayout or maybe (or likely) it does not. I have not tried myself.

    On Linux KLayout takes the system installation and it just works.

    For Windows, please see my latest post here: https://www.klayout.de/forum/discussion/1514/adding-text-on-the-layoutview-images#latest


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