Viewing multiple marker databases on the same layout

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Is there a way to view 2 different DRC error files on top of the same layout?
For example if I want to compare how the same error is marked in 2 different files.
And a similar question and maybe it is more of a feature request, can I mark more then one error type on the layout (meaning that if I switch to the next error the existing marking won't be turned off automatically)?

Thanks a lot!


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    Hi Julia,

    you can load two marker databases but you can't show them both currently.

    If you need to compare two runs it's possible to export the markers to layout ("Export to Layout" from the "File" menu in the marker browser). After doing so, you can compare the layers with an XOR for example. However, that's a bit tedious currently, because you have to figure out what layer is created from what check.

    Marking more than one result is possible if you select multiple entries in the error list (using the Ctrl button when clicking). If you select the "by category" group for example you have all markers in the right list and you can select any combination of results for highlighting.

    Hope that helps somewhat.

    Best regards,

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