Polygon edit and change layer from foundry A to foundry B ( Keep the same hierarchy)

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Hi Matthias,
As title, I am doing a project to change the layer with doing some polygon edit(say contact with keep the same hierarchy).
The method I use as below:
1. size up and marge all contact
2. find the center point of #1 (by using drc function: layer.extent_refs(:center, as_dots)
3. size up #2 by 0.18 (as an one of the output)
4. size up #3 by 0.2+0.18/2
5. use #4 as a op_layer and use layer.extent_refs(:top_center, as_dots) & layer.extent_refs(:bottom_center, as_dots) to find out the next center point of contact, which run in a while loop until dots outside #1
6. layer.output(#5)

finally I got the contact which I need, except it is on the top cell instead of same hierarchy with source gds.

Matt, I would like to know that does any command or code can achieve this? Many Thanks.

My Code is here:


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    On no ... please please please use MarkDown! I can't read this.

    A single line with triple backticks, before and after code.

    And I assume It's related to the other post of yours (https://www.klayout.de/forum/discussion/1527). Please see my comments there.


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