See DEF instance and net names in the layout?


I'm using the LEF/DEF reader to read in a standard cell design. klayout imports it quickly, and it looks good, but I can't see the net or instance names. It shows the the cell type BUF, INV, etc. instead. I was wondering if there was a way to see the instance names? Ideally, they'd show at the bottom of the instance outline.

I see there are buttons to store these as user properties, and the names do come in under properties, user properties. But, being a standard cell design, there are lots of nets and instances, so that is too many clicks to figure out what is what. For net names, it would be fine to show that down in the spot that says: selected:instance("....) in ... That would somewhat work for instance name, but it would be best to show those right in the layout.

I know python some, if there was a way for me to change python code, or write something using the python api to do this, I'd be willing to look into it myself or help with a solution.



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    Have you tried "Show properties also" in File/Setup -> Display/Texts?


  • No, I didn't see that option. Thank you, Matthias!

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