Problems building from source


I'm trying to build klayout from source (to debug my previous entry on a crash). I am pointed at the head rev of master (3f8090b3fd26bb8b8fa6a76751604efcb8a3f322). I am running "./ -qmake qmake -j 70" which shows the configuration of:

Version Info:
Version: 0.27
Date: 2020-05-18
Revision: 3f8090b3

Using qmake: qmake

Using Ruby interpreter: ruby
Ruby library found: /usr/lib64/
Ruby headers found: /usr/include and /usr/include
Ruby installation is in:
- /usr/lib64/ (lib)
- /usr/include (headers)
- /usr/include (arch headers)
Ruby version code is 20000

Using Python interpreter: python3
Python library found: /home/tool/anaconda3/lib/
Python headers found: /home/tool/anaconda3/include/python3.6m
Python extension suffix:
Python installation is in:
- /home/tool/anaconda3/lib/ (lib)
- /home/tool/anaconda3/include/python3.6m (includes)

Qt bindings enabled (Qt 5 API)
Installation target: /home/mliberty/klayout/bin-release
Build directory: /home/mliberty/klayout/build-release
Building plugins: streamers tools

However when it comes to linking I get the following sort of error (and many more of similar symbols):

/home/mliberty/klayout/build-release/buddies/src/strmxor/../../../ undefined reference to `PyTuple_Size'

It appears that the python library is not being linked for some reason. Any idea on what the issue might be?



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    Please attach the full log. Or at least the linker call. Without, it's hard to say which options are missing or set incorrectly.

    Basically the missing symbol should be pulled from In my case at least it is.



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