Unexpected end of file error

I am trying to import some of my layout models from cadence to Klayout. Using the export to stream operation, I have created the GDS files. In the KLayout, I created a new layout and import->other files into current, option: Merge ->next, this ends up giving an error
"Unexpected end-of file error (Position, record number, cell name)" . Why does this happen and Is there any step I am missing in b/w?

Also is it possible to use other formats that can be exported from cadence like LEF/CIF possible?



  • Hi,

    the error means your file is broken. Possible reasons are disk space issues, network problems or transferring a file in text mode instead of binary.

    Try, if the file still isn't readable if you just open it.

    If the problem persists, debugging is possible, but it requires some insight. Maybe you're able to reproduce the issue with a simple test file you can send me.

    CIF is supported, LEF to some extent. Both formats have limitations. The preferred format is OASIS, if you're able to stream out to this.

    What's your Cadence version?


  • Thank you for those comments. The oasis format worked fine.
    -Appreciate your help.


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