Output a Large Image File

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Some time ago, we had a need to for a much larger image file of our layout that was provided by the screenshot feature (File -> Screenshot).

At that time, Matthias was kind enough to provide some instruction for how to do this through the Ruby interface, so I thought I'd record that here in case anyone else finds it of value.

Tools -> RBA Console

In the command line along the bottom of the window, enter the following command, then hit Enter.


REPLACE <xpixels> and <ypixels> with the size you desire. In our example, we once output a 10,000 by 10,000 pixel image file.

After completed, command line will clear.


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    Brilliant! Thanks for posting this.
  • JayJay
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    Works well. In the past, I have been able to achieve the same, only by using a custom routine. Another, somewhat pain full solution is to create a virtual session with large display, then open application in full screen and take a snapshot.

    For vnc:
    vncserver -geometry 8000x8000

    Solution here, with klayout is far simpler.
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