Polygon to Path Conversion

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I'm in need of a little help. I've been using the Edit --> Layer --> Boolean Operations for various operations, e.g. Difference ( A NOT B ), Difference ( B NOT A ), where Layer A is a path and Layer B is a polygon. The result from the Boolean Operation is in polygons. Is there a way to have the result from the Boolean Operation as a path result rather than a polygon result?


  • Hello,

    what precisely do you mean by "path result"? You can basically have the output as "edges". An edge is a line connecting two points. Edge output of a boolean operation means, the contour of the output polygons will be resolved into edges which itself are zero-width paths.

    I think however, this is not what you want to have.

    A "path" in the layout context is a line with a certain thickness. It's possible to convert a path to polygon by computing the outer points of such a wide path (which in general isn't a trivial operation). But it's not possible to do the reverse in the general case. Hence, output of a boolean operation between polygons cannot be paths.


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