CodeBase about KLayout

Hi, I am a new beginner about EDA and KLayout and I want to do some modification about DRC in KLayout. I mean, I want to modify it from the source code. But when I read the source code of the KLayout. I find it is difficult for me to understand it and I don't have a very clear understanding about the structure of the KLayout. Do you have some suggestions about how to read and learn the source code of KLayout in order to get a good understanding of it.
Thanks a lot.


  • Well, my suggestion is: if you're a beginner about EDA, you shouldn't start by looking into the abyss of C++ source code. It's like trying to get familiar with Linux by reading the Kernel sources.

    Get yourself good text books about semiconductor technology, VLSI layout, computational geometry, basic numerics, C++ and C++ metaprogramming, Ruby, Qt, OO design pattern, computer graphics and everything that Steve Rubin published. This will be the starter.


  • Thanks for your information! I will start to do the things that you told me.BTW, I write some scripts(.drc)to test my GDS file. You know, it is the processing of DRC. I find KLayout only uses one core when I run it. If I want to use multi-cores of my CPU. What should I do in my script?

  • Hi Matthias,
    I have set the threads with the number that I want to set. But I can't see the salient improvement of the speedup compared with the result that I use one core. BTW, how to set the value of tiles when I want to get the outstanding performance about my program. Thanks very much!

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