xSection: Line of Sight, Negative Angle Etch etc

Hi Matthias,
I managed to get deposit working with line-of-sight, and etch with negative taper, as well as with triangular undercut. I will post this one modified file when I have cleaned it up. I would like to ask for your help to combine line-of-sight with the regular :modes of :round / :octagon etc. We couldn't get that to work. Maybe you know a niftier way.

Also, it would be nice to have a command "RemoveFloating" or something like that. As an example, if nitride is etched out from under an oxide mask, and that oxide mask is narrow, then the oxide mask remains floating in air. In some cases, that is ok (when intentionally suspended in Y somewhere), but in other cases it would be great to have a cleanup command that can remove any [material1, material2, etc] not connected to other materials anymore.



  • Hi Thomas,

    I'm afraid that XSection has reached the very limits of what is possible within this simple scheme. The topics you mention IMHO would require some simulation tool based on physical models for diffusion, etch and deposition. The simple polygon-manipulation approach of XSection is good for quick generation of nice pictures, not much more.



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