Not able to save correctly

I am not able to save changes after editing even if I have started Klayout in "editing-mode". If I use "Save As", a file is saved. But the content of the file is the same as before the editing, so all editing is skipped. The Klayout version I use is 0.26.3


  • I can't confirm this. I'm using "Save As" myself hundred times a day without issues along with many other users.

    What exactly are you doing? And whats the platform you're on?


  • I am moving layer around and deleting layers. After that I use "Save As". The deleted layers are still there. The moved layers are not moved. If I delete a shape or add a shape in any layer this will be included and stored. Platform=Windows 10 Enterprise

  • I assume you delete layers from the layer list. This will not delete a layer from the file, but only from the list of layers shown. The data is still there.

    You'll see that is working in Viewer mode too.

    To delete a layer from the database, use edit mode and Edit/Layer/Delete.


  • Ok, I understand. Thank you for the clarification.

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