Pandas library for Windows

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I receive requests for providing the pandas library for Windows as part of the KLayout distribution.

Right now (as of version 0.26.8) it's not included. But here is a recipe for adding pandas to KLayout on Windows 64bit:

  1. Download "" from here: (MD5 hash: dc1e378cb51bcb4e49f78f3f4143ae46)
  2. Unzip the archive into your KLayout installation folder's Python library path. For a user-local installation this is usually

After unzipping you should see four new directories there: pandas, pytz, dateutil and numexpr.

To test pandas, open KLayout and in the Macro Development IDE's console type:

import pandas

(Note: with debugger enabled this will take several seconds to finish).


  • The solution is only works for 64bit (tested on Windows 10 with KLayout 0.26.8)
  • The .zip file contains DLLs which are not signed and not verified. Use at your own risk.


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