loading a LEF/DEF from the command line?

Hi, I'm a new klayout user. I've been experimenting with the OpenLane ASIC flow and am using klayout to view the intermediary files.

I have to keep repeating this flow: import lef/def, choose the def, (the previous lef gets removed), choose the lef.
I would like to run klayout from the command line with these 2 files and get the same result.

It doesn't seem possible with the command line options. Is there a way of doing that with the scripting functionality?

Thanks for the help,


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    See the attached .rb script written by Matthias that allows to load lef/def/map from the command line. Rename it to import_def.rb to use it as advertised in the header.
    Please note that you will have to compile the current klayout-master for up to date lef/def import and to be able to use a map file.


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