Adding support to FILLS in DEF

The current code ignores the FILLS section in DEF as seen at

I've had to resort to re-parsing the DEF in python to create the fills. Please support FILLS as they are a necessary part of DEF to get a correct GDS out.


  • @mliberty,

    I will consider doing so if you provide me with a TESTCASE. The DEF files I have access to (which is limited) do not use FILL. My experience with LEF/DEF is limited and my personal level of interest for this overly complex and badly designed format is low.

    I need DEF files which cover the relevant cases and some more details (e.g. files with rectangle, polygon, via fills; how to handle fill BLOCKAGE with sample file if applicable etc.). I also need the corresponding GDS or OASIS layouts which I can use as reference to verify my implementation. Please provide only files I can include in the test suite (i.e. compatible with GPL).

    Please also note that I do not give any warranty on the correctness of the LEF/DEF reader output. The complexity of the format and the manifold options and data paths justify are big disclaimer here. Specifically if you generate masks, DO SO ON YOUR OWN RISK.

    I have created a GitHub ticket for you to attach test files if you have some and to track this request:


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