Retrieve a top cell view

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I would like to implement an equivalent of the "Show As New Top" context menu function available in the cell hierarchy.

In my implementation I need to identify the cell view of a hierarchy.

I feel that this should be done using the 'active_setview_index' method ot the LayoutView class. And for that, I need a CellView instance.

I can manage to retrieve an instance of the LayoutView class I'm interested in through the MainWindow class.

I can also get a Cell reference to the top cell of the layout associated to a LayoutView instance.

However, how can I manage to get a cell view for this top cell.

Many thanks for you help.


  • @numero8

    there isn't a cell view for every cell (this is NOT Cadence). Instead, the CellView is an object inside a layout view and designates a part of the window where the layout is shown.

    To change the cell you want to see, use

    cv = RBA::CellView::active
    cv.cell = the_Cell_object_you_want_to_see


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