How can I build the python package for klayout on Linux?

Hi, Matthias

I have built the klayout code from github. It works great.

From the code tree, I guess pya and pymod should be the API wrapper for python. However, they all work embedded in kaylayout framework. In PyPi, there is independent klayout packge for python, built by you and Thomaslima. Can you tell me how to do the same python package build as you did?

Thank you very much.


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    actually PyPI package is build by a Travis job :) You'll find the details in ".travis.yml" in the sources.

    The build is based on "" (setuptools). Provided you have the necessary Linux packages (gcc, libcurl-devel, python-devel ...), all you need to do is to say

    python install


  • thank you, Matthias. works fine.

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