Creating a Layer properties file

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All my mask info is in a MSAccess database. I’m trying via Access VB to create a Layout.lyp file with all the <name> and <source> (and <frame-color>, etc…) info. KLayout won’t read my Layout.lyp file. I get the error:

"XML parser error: error occurred while parsing element in line 1, column 1"

Although the file (with notepad) look just like a .lyp file saved from Klayout. Any idea why? I tried to use MSXML2.DOMDocument and just plain OPEN for Output method but I’m kind of lost.

Louis cliche


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    Hi Louis,

    I think that is the issue we clarified by mail :-)

    To all other readers: this was the culprit:


    the correct specification has to contain a numeric value after the slash for the datatype.


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    Is possible to add in the Layer Properties File (.lyp) a line specifying the color of the background for a technology ?
    I know we can change it through the Setup / Display / Background menu, but it would be more convenient with the .lyp file.
    The reason is that when I read PCB or DXF file, I prefer a white background. But I read a GDS, I prefer a black background, as Cadence Virtuoso.

    Thanks, Best regards,
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    Hi OkGuy,

    that is actually a nice idea, but right now it's not possible. The background color is a global configuration and that happens elsewhere, not in the .lyp file.

    It's possible however to create a script that sets both the background color and the .lyp file.



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