I need help with clang tidy!


I am a complete beginner and wanted to learn more about Code Beautifier and clang tidy. I have never done this before and need your help. :)
I have a list of formatting rules that I would like to work through with clang tidy.
I have thought of 15 formatting rules that I want to follow:
not use /.../ style comments
make labels easy to see
ensure consistens line endings
Layout boolean expression neatly
balance space around binary operators
no space after non-word prefix operators
no space before postfix operators
avoid more than 60 lines in a block
no more than 60 characters on a comment line
avoid more than 500 to 1000 lines per file
avoid more than 140 character per line
start each statement or declaration on a new line
prefer break, continue, and return to deeper nesting
ident to reflect nesting and continuation of statements and declarations
avoid more than three levels of nesting
balance space around braced, bracketed and parenthesized areas

How are these things possible?
And is it possible to process multiple files or whole directories at once. For example, is it possible to process all *.c files from a given directory with one command?
Can you help me please?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Best regards


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