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Hi Matthias,

I using the following from an example posted, below
the code extracts the net as expected ie:VDD.
But if I short out the net to say "LB" in the example "Ringo" cell
the code throws the following error.

   Arguments of reference or direct type cannot be passed nil in LayoutToNetlist::shapes_of_net in MacroInterpreter::execute
  C:/Users/12144/KLayout/drc/new_folder/extract_nets.lydrc:102:in `shapes_of_net'
  C:/Users/12144/KLayout/drc/new_folder/extract_nets.lydrc:102:in `block in execute_drc'
  C:/Users/12144/KLayout/drc/new_folder/extract_nets.lydrc:101:in `each'
  C:/Users/12144/KLayout/drc/new_folder/extract_nets.lydrc:101:in `execute_drc'
  :/built-in-macros/drc_interpreters.lym:18:in `instance_eval'
  :/built-in-macros/drc_interpreters.lym:18:in `execute_drc'
  :/built-in-macros/drc_interpreters.lym:65:in `execute'
   # Gets the Circuit object for the top level cell
   top_circuit = l2n_data.netlist.circuit_by_name(

   # Finds the Net object for the "VDD" net
   net = top_circuit.net_by_name(value)

   # outputs the shapes for this net to layers 1000 (ntie), 1001 (ptie), 1002 (nwell)
   # etc ...
   { 2010 => ntie,    2011 => ptie,    2012 => nwell,    2013 => nsd,    2014 => psd, 
    2015 => contact, 2016 => poly,    2017 => metal1,   2018 => via,    2019 => metal2 }.each do |n,l|
    DRC::DRCLayer::new(self, l2n_data.shapes_of_net(net,, true)).output(n, 0)



  • Hi Tracy,

    I took the liberty to edit your text so it becomes more readable. This forum supports Markdown, so please use it properly.

    Regarding your problem: I assume that "net" is nil. Maybe because "value" is a string which is not a valid net name. Could you check this?

    Kind regards,


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