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Is there a way to set the application so it starts:

1) Displaying Full Hierarchy by default.
2) Without the Select/Move/Ruler toolbar showing across the top ... it take up a lot of window space.



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    Hi kuser,

    For the first request there is a solution: on the "Misc" page in the Setup dialog, check the "Select all hierarchy levels" checkbox in the "On Cell Change" group. I admit it's somewhat hidden ..

    For the second request, there is no simple solution currently. It is possible to remove all icons from the toolbar with a Ruby script which effectively should collapse the toolbar. In earlier Qt versions the dock management did not work well, so I fixed the location of the toolbar. I'll check if Qt provides a nice option in between so the toolbar can be collapsed if necessary.

    Best regards,


  • JayJay
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    0.19.1 seems to work well for both the above.
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