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Hi Matthias, all

I am currently using this script to write a DRC file and this is really powerful, i can do almost what i planned to do with this "magic" script.
However, i didn't manage to output the result to a marker database instead of a layer. Is this possible? How "deep" would be the modification on the script to have the result on the marker database ?? Would it be easy to do?

Keep the good work, that's so nice!!


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    thanks :-)

    Right now, there is no direct output to a report database, except maybe the possibility to scan a layer afterwards.

    I'll try to enhance the processing script so it provides output to a report database.



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    I have put a new version of layer_proc.rbm to the server.

    It allows to output the results to a report database like this:

    report("My database")
    result = ... # compute results
    # put output to the report database on category "cat"
    # with the given description (the description is optional):
    result.rdb("cat", "description")

    I hope this will be helpful.

    Best regards,


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    Thanks, will give it a try !!
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