Export into a monocromatic bitmap

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Hi everyone,
I have designed a microelectrode array. Is a multilayer pattern and I need to export it into a monocromatic bitmap, .bmp file.
Is that possible, even layer by layer?
Thanks in advice


  • Hi, Francesco!

    See this topic as script example to save particular layer. LayoutView.save_image_with_options() has parameter for monochrome image.

  • Hi Eugene,

    I'm not really confident about programming. I tryed with this

    module MyMacro

    include RBA


    where 'MEA60.." is the name of the file
    But without success and inside this function I don't see where I can export in .bmp.
    Thanks in advice

  • Hi, Francesco!

    See example script linked in my first answer. LayoutView is accessed with RBA::Application::instance.main_window.current_view. See also scripting documentation.

  • Hi Francesco,

    please try with a name that includes the file type, e.g. "MEA60_RoutingCorrected.bmp".

    If that does not work, you can also use ".png". It will be monochrome and I have made some good experience exporting really huge bitmaps (50k x 50k) with monochrome PNG. But the achievable resolution differs on Linux and Windows.

    Kind regards,


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